Austin 3-Litre


Austin 3-Litre Information and help

In this section you will find various links to documents which may be of help and interest, just click on the item title to view the required subject, this will open a PDF document. This section is currently being expanded so please keep looking in, or ask if there is anything you would like to see added.

Mechanical Parts list.  Complete parts list of all the mechanical items in PDF form, its about a 28mb file size which will take about 30 seconds to appear with good Broadband speeds.

Engine Parts list.  Complete Parts list for Austin 3-Litre and MGC engine in PDF Form.

Steering rack guide for the mot test.  Steering racks have been known to fail an mot incorrectly, this is a guide on how the steering rack works and information for the mot tester.

Data Sheet. Usefull information relating to your car such as tyre pressures, ignition settings, capacities etc.

Parts Cross Reference list. Most suppliers have no listings of Austin 3-Litre parts, if you know what to ask for there are quite a few parts which are readily available.

Leaking Self Level Rams.There were cases where the self levelling rams were changed  under warranty for leaking when the cars were new, this factory bulletin gives a guide as to how much oil can leak from the rams before repair/replacement is required.

Engine overheating at Idle. In 1971 it was discovered by BLMC that by modifying the vacuum advance pick up for the distributor, the timing settings at low engine rpm could be changed, this stopped cases of overheating at idle.

Texaco Lubrication Guide. Texaco Lubrication Guide, will print out A3 size if required.